The well-structured curriculum provides adequate experiences to our students to hone their scholastic and co-scholastic skills. The entire curriculum is designed in a manner to facilitate learning in an enjoyable manner. Activities are designed for all major concepts to facilitate learning by doing and allow the clarity of concept. Each topic will be integrated with visual representation using smart boards, demonstrations and activities to cater to individual difference and different learning styles. The curriculum implementation will equip students to apply the knowledge acquired and make them thinkers. Life and thinking skills will be an inseparable part of the curriculum. Every moment of learning will integrate and impart the essential lifelong skills that will equip the students with the tools to face the challenges of growing up and ultimately to be a balanced adult.


Curriculum is framed on the lines of Primary Year Program that promotes thematic learning through well designed activities correlating all the learning experience to give an overall integrated picture and allows the students to apply the knowledge to real life situations. Learning is made pleasurable through play and participation. The pre-primary kids are housed in spacious colourful rooms. There are separate activity room, play area and toddler park for the pre-primary.


Primary Wing comprises of students from class I to V. Formal subjects are introduced. Lessons are planned in a manner so that the students get to learn their subjects in practical manner and with lots of projects and activities. Special emphasis is laid on language, communication and life skills to empower students with tools to extend the learning beyond class room into real life.


Classes VI to VIII are crucial years that prepare a child to turn their dreams into reality. Students prepare themselves to expand their horizon to learn more and apply the learning into day to day lives. Science and Social Sciences are formally introduced along with the third language. Students are provided with ample opportunities to learn and play. Appropriate guidance is provided so that students realize their potentials and lay strong foundation to pursue their interests.


Education at all levels is also viewed today as an acquisition rather than knowledge acquired through books. As such the curriculum imposes the imperative of including in the variety of activities that impart skills that can form the basis for a future career aspect for the student.

It is with this purpose in mind that students are encouraged to be analytical, creative goal oriented and innovative in their through process, develop the feeling of a responsible citizen towards society.

The school aims to harness and enhance literary, creative scientific and aesthetic skills which are integral part of education at Ganga.