Our Mission

We at Ganga International School strive to empower our community with skills to meet ever-changing global challenges, to be confident to take risks and make independent decisions, to have access to the most innovative technology and learning tools and most importantly to help instil values that create thoughtful and engaged individuals.

Our mission is to nurture the innate potential of our students to enable them to excel in whatever they choose. We help the students to grow and evolve into open-minded, ethical and caring individuals who are focused and encouraged to set goals, attain them and exceed expectations. Going beyond our commitment to rigorous academic excellence we offer opportunities for growth in co-curricular activities, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Sports, Community Service and opportunities to engage in internationally acclaimed events. 

The aim of the school is to help and guide the students in their academic, physical, cultural, emotional and even spiritual development .Thus the objective of the school is to send out young persons who are dynamic in their out-look, have a sense of adventure in them, are humane in all their dealings  and lastly are cultured persons taking pride in Indian culture and heritage .That is to say that the students shall value the western concepts of science and technology, however they shall have their roots in the Indian culture and Indian ethos.